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In the community

We proudly support a number of teams and causes in the local community including:

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King Street Rose Football Club


Able Plant Hire is pleased to supply football kit funds for the pitch, equipment, polo Shirts, plus the organising skills and hands-on support of MR GERRY MULLAN to the club.


And the team are doing WELL...

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Child Protection UK Ltd  (C.P.U.K.)


Able Plant Hire supports C.P.U.K, who produce Educational Material for distribution to schools, concentrating on giving accurate information on the dangers of drug and alcohol use and abuse.


A relatively modest sum of money will provide a batch of C.P.U.K's excellent booklets.  Able Plant Hire

sponsors booklets for:


> Desborough School

  Shoppenhangers Road, Maidenhead



To learn more:-


[email protected]

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Alzheimer's Society


Able Plant Hire's owner, Mr Gerry Mullan, began giving the company's support to the Alzheimer's Society in 1995, organzing a Charity Ball in Maidenhead Town Hall, which featured Irish Dancers, Latin American Dancers, a Raffle and an Auction to raise funds.


This was Prompted by an Able Plant employee's parent being diagnosed as suffering from advanced Alzheimer's.


Awareness of Alzheimer's Disease is increasing, but it is not as yet a curable condition. However, work goes on to develop treatments that may prevent or halt the disease, and possibly reverse the effects in existing sufferers.


To donate, or learn more about the Alzheimer's Society visit:-

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